This page consists of the logs of buying Lucidity and getting her home to Knoxville, an adventure in itself. In the interests of not having to learn webpage construction to the degree necessary to put updates here, I'm going to be posting the new adventure here:


Easy to update, easy to add pictures, and easy to access. The blog will be current events, the webpage more of a filing cabinet.

(The logs here are in descending order, with the most recent first.)

07/14/07 The two-year refit is DONE. Oh yeah, there's still a million and one things to do, but they're the 'little' stuff, like repacking and storing the spare sails. We had her out for her maiden sail recently and everything seems to work. So now I'll start making new lists; lists of countries we intend to visit and their entry requirements, medical supplies to take, books, how much toilet paper, all those kinds of important but not often considered things. Who would have ever thought you'd need to know how much peanut butter you use in six months? That's one of the things we'll have to figure out. Meanwhile, we intend to get her out and actually sail as much as possible. We're looking forward to that, not only will it be fun but we'll be able to work out all the kinks in all this new equipment and learn how to use it.

Lucidity's location: Knoxville TN!! WE'RE HOME! 1200 miles of cruising under the keel!

Our current location About dead center of the image, at the outside end of the crooked dock.

Mobile Bay to Knoxville, Tn May 2005

Wow what a trip!

Palmetto to Fairhope, Al April 2005

Ahh, this one was not what I'd planned. But they keep telling me cruising (and life) is all about being able to roll with the changes and that's what we did.

Marathon to Palmetto: March 2005

Well, we didn't make it as far as I had hoped. Once again we had a bit of an adventure and broke a few things but we made it.

Cudjoe to Marathon: February 2005

We made it to Marathon. Broke a few things and had a bit of an adventure but we made it. The boat is getting a bunch of work done as we speak. March 4th we head back and head home. Click here for a look at the wave heights on our route.