These are not in any particular order. Rather than comment about each one, if you're interested, look up the title on Amazon and read the reviews.

Anything by Reese Palley: 'There Be No Dragons" "Unlikely Passages" "Unlikely People" and "Call of the Ancient Mariner"

"The Cruising Life" Jim Trefethan

"Freewheeling" Richard Lovett. Bicycling across America

"Ocean's End" Colin Woodard

"Song for the Blue Ocean" Carl Safina. Awesome book.

"Listening to Whales" Alexandria Morton

"Long Voyage Back" Luke Rhinehart. Fiction. Nuclear armageddon from a sailboat. Terrific adventure story. One of my favorite books of all time.

"On the Beaten Path" Robert Rubin

"Fresh Air Fiend" Paul Theroux. Any of his travel books are worth reading.

"On Whale Island" Daniel Hayes

"Monkey Dancing" Daniel Glick

"To Timbuktu" Mark Jenkins

"A Walk in the Woods" Bill Bryson

"Appalachian Wilderness" Edward Abbey.

"12,000 Miles in the Nick of Time" Mark Jacobson

"Better Off" Eric Brende

"One Year Off" David Cohen

"An Island to Oneself" Tom Neale

"Six Months Off" Lamar Alexander

"Sailing to the Far Horizon" Pamela Bitterman

"On Island Time: Kayaking the Caribbean" Scott B. Williams

"The Biggest Boat I Could Afford" Lee Hughes

"Gently with the Tides" Micheal Frankel

"Flirting with Mermaids" John Kretschmer