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Our friends on Amarok Here's some photos of our last trip on Amarok. Click on "view photos without signing in." If you're looking for a taste of the cruising life, some real sailing lessons, or a private cruiseship experience, this is the place.

Bill & Sue on Unchained


Doug Hackney, traveler Traveler extraordinaire.

Island Packet Owners Pictures of two years worth of refit here. This site is an invaluable resource.

Island Packet Homeport The other great resource for all things IP.

Why work?


Excellent maillists and more.

Scott B. Williams Kayaking adventurer and writer and fellow free spirit.

Bill&Carol, aboard HOPE

Reese's namesake: ReesePalley

Naming Reese is a good story in itself, here.

This site has a great, free downloadable book with some great photos, about a singlehanded circumnavigation, along with some very logical and rational thinking Paul Lutus

Our yacht club, current home of Lucidity:

Concord Yacht Club


A sometimes harsh but always accurate depiction of the crazy world of retail drug dealing.