Butch & Gretchen
YAHOO, and congratulation on your 1P38 purchase. I recall the exact day Radeen and I wrote our 10% deposit check in 1991 for our 1P27-058 Cinnamon. We were sooooo excited after chartering IPs for 4 years we knew we wanted to own one of these great yachts. The 1P27 was the only IP we could afford and we sailed her for the next 10 years. You will have many many years of joy, learning and discover as you sail your Island Packet. The 1P38 is a wonderful yacht and I recall first seeing her at the Philadelphia indoor boat show in 1986. Enjoy your new boat, and share your story.
H. C.
”Island Spirit”

Butch and Gretchen, congratulations!
Very best
"Amazing Grace"

Butch and Gretchen,
“Silent Lucidity”, great name (and song/lyrics), she must be a “Queensryche” fan.
“Comfortably Numb” would be my second choice.
K. J. L.
“True Love”

Congrats on your Island Packet - WOW isn't it exciting?
We bought our 1990 1P38 #140 last June and hove been enjoying her so much - lots of work and money involved also but it is a labor of love!
C. & S. P
“It's About Time”

Butch and Gretchen,
Congratulations!! You will love the boat.
Where will she be berthed?

Best Regard, P.P.

Congratulations and well done.
We bought an lP 44 earlier in the year and know exactly how you feel.
P. and L.


Congratulations!!! The day you buy an Island Packet is the best day of your life to date and then it only gets better especially if you run away from home and go live on her.
B. L.

currently in Grenada

Butch, Gretchen,
Congratulations and welcome to the group. Please send me another picture when you get her finished the way you want her to be. I know that may take some time.
D. L.

Congratulations and welcome to the family.
C. N.
”Black & Tan”

Congratulations on making the leap! We can relate. Our broker told us “at some point, when you're standing on the edge looking over, you just have to JUMP.” We took his advice and nobody was more surprised than we were when we surfaced! We bought our boat in Rock Hall two years ago and keep it there at Spring Cove Marina. We drive back and forth from Memphis (975 miles each way) whenever we can stay for several weeks at a time. We have enjoyed the boat and the boating community at Rock Hall so much, we don't understand why it took us so long to make the leap.
We're wondering where you're going to keep your boat?
J. and G. M.
”Memphis Belle”

Butch and Gretchen,
I sent this to you off the IP list because I just wanted to say hello to another new owner of an 1P38. Ours is a 1988 with hull number 65. Name is Nice ‘n' Easy (formerly Valero). If you ever feel like talking about the IP, just give me a ring or email.
We've just has the bottom totally repaired with vinyl ester and the hard dodger totally rebuilt. A single lever engine control system is being added to the pedestal guard and the new compass arrived yesterday. The boat should go back into the water in about two weeks and then the mast will be restepped. It goes on and on.
I hope you enjoy your 38 as much as we enjoy ours. We are heading south to Key West in October for our “shake-down cruise.
B. and S. S.
”Nice ‘n' Easy”


Butch and Gretchen
Way to go! Let me know if you need any info or help.
B. S.